Wednesday, June 1, 2011

lol fuck here we go again... resurrecting this blog again... welcome to the new life in Laguna (again)

lol this is the 3rd time that I will resurrect this shit again. too many things were happened since the 2nd time i resurrect this. I did my job in proving on the natural re-population of wildlife in the 9 hectare mining rehab forest of Guintalunan Pit No. 4 in the mining site of Rio Tuba Nickel Mining Corp. in Rio Tuba, Bataraza, Palawan. I also took part in the interview with Jackie Aquino and Dir. Zuniga on the special show of DENR's "Tao't Kalikasan" which was shown in NBN 4 last April. This show was a series of countering those false accusation and biased reporting by the anti-mining advocates of no2mininginpalawan led by Ms. Gina Lopez of ABS-CBN.

Yeah ABS-CBN... remember Abner Mercado's show Krusada? the show initially used research in order to analyze issues like mining in Palawan but turns out to be a tool for a one-sided jackass bias reporting with purely anti-mining sentiments. But what i hate most of ABS-CBN is the confrontation with me and one of their crew, Beth Maclang. i learned from my friends in Mines and Geosciences Bureau that she was a hardliner anti-mining advocate in Palawan. i told her that she must ask my dad, Dr. Bibiano Ranes, regarding about the operations in the Mine Rehabilitation and Reforestation Unit... not our laborers. but deep inside of me that she is searching for holes and use it as attacks against responsible mining. She then said "wala ba kaming karapatang magtanong?!" after a brief argument she went to every people in the premises (including our bosses) and talking shit against me. My dignity went down but i still won't give up so i came to her again and again told her to ask my dad if she wants information about mining rehabilitation but she replied "Hindi na ako makikinig sa'yo... lalo na BATA ka lang. BATA ka lang!"

I will never forgot those words. I cried until the day falls and the night sky blankets the town. My depression overwhelms myself... ~that i pissed off and replied my girlfriend with capitalized letters after she thought this was just a little incident. I am very sorry to my girlfriend (who's now my ex-girlfriend) because of that. Wherever you are... I am saying this again that I am very very sorry...

I request my dad to have my break... a vacation but he only granted it to me weeks after the NBN 4 interview. i got a chance to see two hardcore shows in a night. also... i spent some time with my girlfriend but days later she asked if we just be friends. heartbroken... my depression made our relationship worse and got into total break up. yeah all the shit build up in my head. those tiring moments while working in Palawan, dad's harsh words on me, the confrontation with the ugliest bitch (inside and out) i ever saw, betrayals of some of our trusted laborers, undergraduate status for 7 years (yeah i never finished any of the 5 courses i took while in college) and the repeated tragedy on my lovelife. i got my right hand bruised boxing at those glass windows.

sorry my hardcore friends... i lost my P.M.A. in Palawan

then i remember my ex's words to me... she told me that i must pursue Anthropology. so in the midst of confusion and depression i asked my mom and dad to quit my work in Palawan and continue my study at U.P. Open University (so after a year i can transfer to U.P. Diliman and take B.A. Anthropology). And my 3 weeks vacation turned into a permanent settlement here in Los Banos.

I am rebuilding myself. Resurrecting the former glories of my band Dilapidated Buko Pie and we are now planning to play on different shows after we master our songs through studio jamming. Still i am right here waiting on that readmission shit after the school told me that i got "AWOL" (PAKIUSAP LANG SABIHIN NYO NA KUNG MATATANGGAP PA AKO ULE O HINDE DAHIL MALAPIT NA MATAPOS ANG ENROLLMENT! SHET!). ohh and my buddies in Drillface records are also planning to write zines after we were inspired by the anticipations to the Zine Convention at the Kalye Art Gallery last April 16.

So guys... watch out for my band which i founded 2 years ago play live as a combo band.

To my ex-girlfriend. I can't believe you are moving on so fast but i still doubt it. YEAH! but whatever we may i will never forget those good inspiring words you told me before. So, don't you ever think you are not helping me to be a better man. You are the most special girl i had in my life. My personality maybe weak but i know inside me i'm a strong man... stronger than yours. We can make it better but the rapture between us was so great everyday that even now it's like you are forced to talk me whenever i say hi-how-are-you to you and it seems that it is not the Yayang i first talked to into the wee hours. You seemed to be very far away right now. You don't care. May Allah bless you always.

On the issue of mining in Palawan. YOU KNOW THIS SHIT STILL HAUNTS ME HERE IN LAGUNA. After the graduation in UP Los Banos, i met my former classmate Louigie Centeno. We say "hi! kamusta" at each other. he learned that i was just arrived from Palawan. he introduced me to his girlfriend who's from Puerto Princesa City. We greeted cheerfully but when she learned that i worked in a mining company, the world drowns into Armageddon. Her face turns into bitter and told me "ay sorry anti-mining kame doon". I replied with my a smile "sorry pro-responsible mining kame hehehe". They left and said "sige! nice meeting! hehehe!" but his girlfriend's face is just like somewhat ate a serving of Ampalaya omelette. I pity her for she acted like that to me in front of her boyfriend, who is my long time classmate in High School. Tangina hindi na siya nahiya. Yeah i need to contact him and tell my dismay over his girlfriend.

I am tired of protecting responsible mining. I am tired of explaining things again and again. I am tired of open up my netbook and show my wildlife research presentation without my dad's permission to the people just to enlighten them. I am tired of on the spot debate. I am not lucky. I was bound to explain these things because i myself saw the truth that mined out area are not worthless piece of crappy land but with the help of our ever-loving, ever-spending company we can bring back it's nutrients by putting organic fertilizers and so putting back the native forests that once been there.

To anti-mining advocates in ABS-CBN... especially Ms. Gina Lopez. You know what you and your colleagues made me turned off. i feel disgusted after years of watching shows in your channel. Made me laugh and learn in many of your shows but the rumors of biased reporting were true (and i saw it with my two eyes.) and that made me sick. very sick! because i believe that what you are doing is what Marcos did to the media during his tyrannous reign. I talked to Joe de Castro of ABS-CBN Southern Tagalog while on a PAL plane bound for Manila and he said to me that what you did made commotions to the people in the station. You guys are using ABS-CBN as a tool for your close-minded group. "Lahat ng istasyon dapat hindi bias ang ni-rereport" ~ This is what Mr. de Castro told me. So Fuck you, Fuck Abner Mercado, Fuck ugly Beth Maclang, and Fuck no2mininginpalawan. Palawan is just an island like any island but with floras and faunas that can be found in Sabah, Malaysia and not in other parts of the Philippines. Ang kokorni nyo!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Manila was TERRORized!

Manila was TERRORized. One of the hardcore's finest band blasted last night at Center 4 Arts, Timog ave., Quezon City. Too bad, I'm still here in Palawan (and resting after that 400km ass-kicking land travel back to Rio Tuba that night!) hahaha
Here's a video from Roy Belesario. CLICK HERE!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Ohh... para sa mga baguhan sa eksena o kaya matagal na sa eksena pero hindi pa nakakarelease ng demo, pindutin na't basahin nang mabute! Kailangan lang na may mga materials kayo ayon na rin dito hehehe Pagkakataon na ito para mapakita ang mga works ninyo. :]

Anthropology 101: Theory on the Similarity of some Pala'wan and Maranao Words

Ok here we go again. Another geeky anthropological theory I made here in this far-flung places of Southern Palawan. Here I will discuss the possible connection of Pala'wan tribes of Palawan and the Maranaos of Mindanao.

Pala'wan has many similar words with Maranao like " seda' " (Maranao "sada", fish) and " kyo " (Maranao "kiyo", sexual act (1) ). The language of the Pala'wan, Palawano, is a member of Central Philippine languages (includes Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilonggo, Waray-Waray and Tausug) and the Maranao language is a member of Danao languages (Maranao, Maguindanao, Bagobo, Manobo, Subanen). Both are under the big family language of Malayo-Polynesian.

But..... where the heck do these Pala'wans get those words when they were almost 400 miles from Lanao province and fish and sexual act must be something like " isda " and " kantot " or " iyot " respectively if their language is a member of Central Philippine languages????

My theory involves languages similar to Maranao. That is Iranun and Maguindanao, and they were also members of Danao languages. The Iranuns are seafaring people who are notorious in slave raiding and piracy. Their language is similar to Maranao. Their homeland are in the coastal areas between Lanao and Cotabato province. They are active from the Moro Gulf and Sulu Sea to Singapore. That means... their influence may include the Pala'wans of Southern Palawan and they may include those words in their vocabulary tru trading since the nearest Iranun settlements are in Sabah, Malaysia (Kudat, Kota Belud and Lahad Datu).

Another theory is that Sultan Kudarat of the Sultanate of Maguindanao signed a treaty with a Sultan of Sulu wherein they exchange territories. Kudarat's trading post of Lamitan, Basilan will be given to Sulu and Southern Palawan will be given to Cotabato. So, the Pala'wans get those words also by the use of trading with the Maguindanaoan governors and representatives.

An Iranun warrior

(1) these is just an example for this theory. no malicious offense intended.

Anthropology 101: Cultural Connections of the Hole Legends Theories

My Pala'wan guide Gara told me about a legend of the a very deep hole in the ground called the "Haws". It's dept is unbearable that no light can get through it's lowest point. They say that its inhabitants were small men a size of a stick of match.

The story begins with a Pala'wan boar hunter who unsuspectingly fell into this hole. He landed safely into bushes but scratched. The small men saw him but they never do anything to him. He stayed there for years. While sleeping, a divine voice told him to get out of the hole by making hundreds of darts and use it with his blowgun to shoot it on one another on a star above the sky. If he fail to do this so, he will be eaten alive. After he wake up, he did this immediately as he was told and then got out of the hole with his whole body alive.

Pala'wan animistic religion and mythology were influenced by Hinduism. In this case, I found a Hindu Legend of the Lonar Crater Lake in Maharashtra, India.

According to the Skanda Purana scriptures, the demon Lonasur devastated the surrounding areas and even challenged the Gods. The people prayed and they appealed to the Lord Vishnu. He transformed into a handsome youth named "Daitya-Sudan". He charmed the giant's sisters and discovered his den. He removed the lid of the den and then destroyed the giant. The water believed to be the blood and the salts were the decomposed flesh.

This maybe an isolated incident like the pyramids of the Mayans and Egyptians but the "evil beings in a legendary hole" are exceptional because of the proximity of Palawan in the territory of Buddhist and Hindu empires of Sri Vijaya and Majapahit respectively.

This theory serves as an evidence of an another theory which is the influence through trade by the ancient and Pre-Hispanic Filipinos with the other cultures in Southeast Asia which begun by the anthropologists who have been studying our history and cultures and the crew of the "Voyage of the Balangays" who led the journey of the balangay replicas through Southeast Asia.


Gara Saran of Sitio Bohoy, Brgy Ocayan, Bataraza, Palawan

Lonar Crate in Maharashtra, India


i'm back again after more than half a year of depression and soul searching (LOL). i am now currently residing here in a far-flung place of southern Palawan and working as a research assistant on wildlife and meteorology for the mine rehabilitation unit under the supervision of a prestigious and responsible nickel mining company.

i've been measuring those rainfalls and peeking on those wild birds using my binocular and camera since December 2010 and yeah i'm having fun with my new work. of course, i am having a hard time staying here because this place is a small village and Kudat, Malaysia is nearer than Manila or Puerto Prinsesa. hahaha

i will be posting my own thoughts and share anything especially on those Anthropological and anything from the Hardcore, Punk and Metal scene out there.

and yeah even though i'm fuckin' hundreds of miles away from civilization my dedication to the d.i.y. scene is still in my heart...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Price Tags and Protest Against Monopoly

We all hear about those sayings "BUY ORIGINAL CDs!". If we patronize these pirated stuffs then we are making these hard-working artists on the verge of bunkraptcy. Well, this is true obviously. When we buy pirated CDs the income produced from these stuffs are not going directly to the artist and the recording companies but to the bastards who ripped off their stuffs and sold them for their own good. It estimates millions of pesos had been lost because of these viruses.

I realized how hard is it to produce stuffs when i started Dilapidated Buko Pie and i never knew that it really was painstaking! It really needs large sums of money to buy materials for the demos. I regret that i bought these pirated CDs. Sometimes I feel so ashamed when i saw these artists playing live because i bought stuffs that had been stolen from them. but hey, i'm just a kid from those times and i want those songs from my favorite artists.

If there's one thing i hate about this is the monopoly. big recording companies do have strict contracts to monopolize the artists stuffs. there is no consideration of reduplicating unless you were grant permission to do so and sometimes you need to pay a certain price to do so. they sometimes say they care for music but actually they care about MONEY. this is why they hate pirate bastards because the money will go directly to rippers instead of going directly to them.

This is the reason why Dilapidated Buko Pie's first release is always FREE. It is my protest against the severe monopoly on music. I don't care about benefiting from selling my stuffs... i just want to spread my music and my message to everyone.

And of course where on earth do you get your money to continue producing your stuffs? from your mother? LOL that's why i put a P25 price tags on the remaining releases. (as an indie artist, me and my bandmates do the job of producing our own stuffs by recording it with our own pc and buy blank CDs and print layouts for producing demos)

Music is free for me. (i even don't care if people would rip it off and disperse it anywhere as long as they care for spreading my music and for my message) you can download it ANYTIME you want (there are links on our myspace and soundclick accounts). But the most precious thing we artist had are the CDs, Casette tapes, EPs, LPs, Vinyls etc etc we are producing. So if you wanna SUPPORT us, guys, and also other artists, i beg you to pay with MONEY. Not cellphone load, food or anything that is not money because these stuffs are affordable (with our own baon! lolz) and can't be used to buy blank CDs (or to pay the recording company to produce), papers, new equipments and instruments for making better music with more quality... DUH!!!